Mobile PhoneTools 7 - Motorola Phone Edition

The all in one PC companion for your Motorola phone !

  • NEW! Synchronize your address book, calendar, musics, pictures and tasks
  • NEW! Synchronize also your contacts from Outlook, MS Exchange and Google GMail.
  • Connect your cell phone to your laptop and get Internet access via cellular networks.
  • Create your own ringtones, mobile videos and wallpapers.
  • NEW! Transfer your photos, video, music, save them to your PC or send them directly to Youtube, SendPhotos or Picasa.
  • NEW! Send your SMS and MMS from your laptop.
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Synchronize your phone !

Is my phone compatible ?

  • SMS
  • MMS
  • Contacts
  • Emails
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Music
Watch the demonstration video ! Check-it here !

What’s new in this version :

  • NEW! Regroup all your SMS/MMS in a single interface and export them at the format you desire.
  • NEW! Synchronize your contacts and calendar online, Google is now a supported service.
  • NEW! Motorola PhoneTools 7 is now compatible with Google Mail, MS Exchange and Lotus Notes.
  • NEW! Send your pictures and videos from your phone directly on your social networks, currently Picasa SendPhotos and Youtube are supported. Other services are coming.
  • Recover your profile information of older versions of Motorola PhoneTools and merge them with the new Mobile PhoneTools 7.
  • Send your favorite music MP3 or CD in your phone.

Synchronize your Outlook Contacts

  • Synchronize and manage your address book, calendar and tasks.
  • Integrated with Outlook, Outlook Express, MS Exchange, Google Mail and Lotus Notes.
  • Your contacts are automatically converted to the correct format supported by your phone.
  • Back up your phone contacts on your PC, simply upload them when you change to a new cell phone.
  • Transfer your phonebook contact from one Motorola phone to another.

Get connected to the Internet via your cell phone

  • Use your cell phone as a modem; get online via GSM, GPRS or 3G connection.
  • Surf on the Web via your cell phone.
  • Mobile PhoneTools includes all major mobile phone operator connection parameters and automatically sets them up.
  • Send SMS and MMS messages conveniently from your laptop. Use contact groups, priority and return receipt just as you would with normal email.
  • Manage SMS and MMS in a single interface.
  • Send multimedia messages (MMS) with images, sound and text from your Laptop.

Create your own ringtones and wallpapers for your mobile

  • Create your own ringtones from CDs and MP3s, mix 2 audio files!
  • Edit your ringtones, select what part of the song is going to be your unique ringtone.
  • Carry your personal pictures with you at all time.
  • Make wallpaper and screensavers from your photos for your phone.
  • Create and edit mobile videos for your cell phone.
  • Mobile PhoneTools 7 automatically, converts music, pictures and videos to the correct format, size and resolution for your phone.
  • Creation, modification and transfer your playlists from your PC to your Phone.
  • Use themes included in the application.

Use the multimedia capabilities of your phone

  • Transfer photos and mobile videos from your phone and back them up on your PC.
  • Manage your cell phone media on your PC; remove files cluttering up your phone.
  • Make your phone a music library; carry your favorite MP3s with you.
  • Use your phone as a USB Key, and keep your files with you at all times!
  • Your phone content is presented in a file browser, which let you manage easily your files.
  • Download your files on the internet directly via the application.